Offers Gum Thickeners from Guar, Tamarind, Tapioca Starch for Printing Textile Dyes, Cotton Fibres Sizing, Construction, Paints, Paper Manufacture by Adgums Private Limited in India.      Email : Call: +91-9825048605 
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Food Grade Gums, Textile Gums, Natural Paper Gums, Textile Sizing Chemicals.
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Adgums Private Limited was started in 1958 with the most professional approach, with a dream to manufacture and provide excellent performance thickeners across the world, is a reality today. Our concentrated efforts of thickeners development in combination with modern production plant, technical expertise, excellent market network and sheer excellence of thickeners quality with great consistency made us one of the largest manyfacturers of Textile Printing Thickeners.

ADGUMS has current production capacity of 6600 Metric Tons per year.  We export to over 25 countries across the world.  Expansion and Technological advancement is in continuous process and for `ADGUMS`, it’s a way of life.  We develop and manufacture different derivatives from Guar, Tamarind, Starch and Sod Alginate.  We have developed 40 different thickener varities as per specific requirement of each customer and market for various applications. e.g. Textile Printing, Yarn Sizing, Under Water Cables, Construction and Paints.

Quality and Consistency are immense importance to ADGUMS.  We arrived at specific quality requirements of each thickeners, only after careful study of problems faced by each client.  This forms an important phase in formulations and production innovations of our thickeners.  ‘In  process’ & ‘batch’ wise inspections carried out in well equipped laboratory results in great consistency of thickeners for all the supplies even after some intervals.  Our  R & D lab carries out analysis of technical data, comparison of thickeners and development of new thickeners and process.  Customized product development to fulfill technical and economical requirements of clients and markets without any compromise with performance in quality of thickeners is the key for our multi-fold growth over the years as 100% Export Oriented Unit.  Our quality Control and R & D procedures ensures development and manufacturing of appropriate thickeners for all types of fibers, cloth qualities, dyestuff classes and printing styles.

Adgums is also concerned for environment, which has made us to produce eco-friendly products and have certified ECO PASSPORT thickeners for Textile Printing as per Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Bonds, relations and togetherness are the terms, which not only affect human relations but are also important in Printing too.  To ensure best and proper bonding of dyestuffs and fiber in an attractive design, ‘THICKENER’ plays an important part.

“THICKENERS”, we have been very close to this ‘Word’ & ‘Industry’.  Over the years we have developed long range of ‘Textile Printing Thickeners’ suitable for every aspect of Texiles Printing. We request you to go through our product range.  We are sure it will suit to many of your printing applications.

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