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Natural paper gum is used by paper manufacturers using conventional raw-materials and for recycled paper as wet end additives.


Constitution Mannogalactan Derivatives
Appearance Creamish fine powder
Preservation Preservative added to avoid fungus and decomposition of paste and powder
Solubility Cold water soluble


Paste percent 1 Kg. powder - 99 Kg. water (Prepared at 80 ° C)
pH Neutral (7 + 0.5)
Moisture 13%
Ash Content 10%
Viscosity of 1% paste at room temperature after heating 80 °C. 300 - 340 cps
(by Brook field Viscometer Model RVT)
Compatibility with other thickeners Good with thickeners except Crystal gum and gum arabic.  It coagulates  with Borax in alkaline conditions.


Natural paper gum provides

  • Improvement in paper strength
  • Improvement in printability
  • Reduction in dusting and lilting
  • Better sheet formation and fibre distribution

Can be used on Hand screen printing, Flat bed & Rotary Printing machines.


Preparation of gum paste

Natural paper gum is made in solution of 1% consistency in water at room temperature under high speed stirrer and then heated to 80 ° C. for 15-20 minutes so that the solution is ready after it cools.  It is then added to the pulp at convenient point at fan pump, head box or at stock gate before the formation of paper.


25 Kg. laminated paper bags.


Sealed bag under normal condition for 6 months.

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